From 2019, Te Hunga is a paid-membership society. All members are required to subscribe below for membership, their relative category. All practicing lawyers and judges will be required to pay a membership fee of $ 100 (plus GST) and non-practicing lawyers (ie, academics, graduates without a practicing certificate, and any person who is a Māori and has a law degree) and community law The practitioners’ fee is $ 75 (plus GST). At this stage, there is no fee for students

Some of the benefits that you will get out of your membership fee are:

  • Reduced registration costs for Hui-ā-Tau;
  • Subsidized regional and national networking functions;
  • Access to a members-only portal on this website, which includes exclusive content and materials;
  • Increased advocacy for members and for the Society’s values, including on Law reform;
  • Ngā Wahine Rōia; and
  • Voting and speaking rights at Te Hunga Rōia Maori and the AGM

Our portal opens in March each year, and membership fees are due by 31st March. They may be paid via credit card (preferred) or by invoice. Please note that the portal closes on 1 April every year, and people can not subscribe to membership for the remainder of our financial year.

After registration and payment of your membership fee (or just registering if you are a student) you will be allocated to an account and password only members of this website.

Practicing lawyer

$100 + GST + FEES = $118.65

Non practicing lawyer

$75 + GST + FEES = $89.10